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100th Anniversary Edition

Dispensational Truth

The preeminent work by Rev. Larkin. This book has long been said by leading Prophetical Scholars to be the Greatest Book on “Dispensational Truth” in the World. Learn More


The Book of Revelation

Rev. Clarence Larkin sought to interpret the “Mind of Christ,” as revealed in the Book of Revelation. This work is now even more timely, when the prophetic utterances of the Book of Revelation are rapidly approaching their fulfillment. Learn More


Rightly Dividing the Word

Rev. Larkin wrote as a dedication in this book... To the "Divine Interpreter" the Holy Spirit who through the years has been my Teacher and Helper in "Rightly Dividing the Word." Larkin had made it the work of his ministry to preach the “Fundamentals.” This volume contains the cream and meat of his sermons and Bible lectures. Learn More


The Book of Daniel

In what was to become his closing and crowning work, Rev. Clarence Larkin has managed to provide an Exposition of The Book of Daniel in an easy readable way. He has helped to provide a roadmap through complex Biblical prophecy. Learn More


The Spirit World

Rev. Larkin has provided a detailed account of subjects not often spoken about within the Christian world. Although first published in 1921 his insight is clearly valid for today's student of the Bible. Learn More


The Second Coming of Christ

This “booklet” was written for those who desire a little treatise on the “Second Coming” to circulate among their friends. It gives the history of the doctrine, vividly describes the two stages of the Coming, and points out the "Signs of the Times." Learn More

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A Medicine Chest for Christian Practitioners

Mindful of the call given to him to preach and teach Reverend Larkin wrote this booklet as a handbook on evangelism. It includes instructions for the Christian who wishes to bring others to Christ Learn More

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The Book of Charts

This is a must have for any student of the Bible or follower of Rev. Larkin's works. A collection of the most popular Clarence Larkin charts in one large reference book. Learn More


Why I am a Baptist

This previously unknown work by Reverend Larkin was discovered by a Larkin scholar in the library of the Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Texas. The Larkin Estate republished this long out-of-print booklet in 1991 making it available again to Reverend Larkin’s many devoted readers. Learn More